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What is Definex

A team that is not doing rocket science but slowly building towards the decentralized world by integrating and implementing web3 logics to replace the existing Cefi system.




Crypto Banking

Asset Safety


Our Businesses

We build multi-collateral saving and lending platforms with on-chain liquidation and custody.

Savings & Lendings

Borrowers will be able to borrow based on the amount that savers will deposit into the platform.


Dex that offers liquidity for cross-chain assets based on algorithmic pricing models.

Other Derivatives

On-chain prediction market to enable peer-to-peer derivative contracts.


Definex will build bridges to give smart-contract functions for different crypto assets to interoperate within the Definex protocol.

Consumer-facing Dapps

Definex builds dapps with existing business logics that have been proven in the Cefi world. We improve the model by giving transparency and accountability utilizing crosschain solutions.

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Algorithmic pricing & peer-to-peer packaging

Flexible LTV & collateral rate

Crosschain crypto support


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Contributors & Advisors

Definex is powered by Y2Labs which is a team of visionary blockchain developers, and backed by advisors from diverse backgrounds in the Blockchain space.

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